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SmartZone 3.4.1 (MR) New AP Model Bundle for C110 / T610 (b819)

SmartZone 3.4 (GA) and later supports a 'New AP Bundle' process developed to

1) allow existing SmartZone controllers to add new AP model support and/or

2) apply important AP and controller bug fixes before the next regular SmartZone Maintenance Release with these built-in.

View SmartZone 'New AP Model' Support for SZ 3.4.1 (MR) and later details and installation example instructions at this Link.

This optional AP Bundle is applied to SmartZone (MR) Controller.

- AP Image:

AP bundles may be installed after previous AP bundles, ie (b1355) for H510 support, (b1387) for SCG bug fixes.

This AP Bundle refresh (b819) will add C110 and T610 model AP support, when releaed, and important bug fixes to SmartZone (MR) Controllers.

Install this AP bundle to add C110 and T610 AP support or the fixes outlined in AP Bundle Release Notes at this Link.

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SmartZone 3.4.1 (MR) New AP Model Bundle for C110 / T610 (b819)

SmartCell Gateway 200 (SCG200)

The SmartCell™ Gateway (SCG) 200 represents the first in a new category of scalable and versatile WLAN controllers with support for 3GPP compatible WLAN gateway functionality. It has been designed to eliminate the difficulties operators are experiencing with building and managing large-scale Wi-Fi RANs and integrating them into the mobile packet core. The latter is required for a truly scalable heterogeneous network (HetNet) deployment. Capabilities include:

Massively Scalable WLAN Controller
Support for WLAN Gateway Functionality per 3GPP Standards
Integrated Element Management System Support
Support for Hotspot 2.0 functionality

SmartZone 100 (SZ-100)

SmartZone™ 100 (SZ-100) is the most scalable, resilient, and highest performing Wireless LAN controller within the Ruckus family of WLAN controllers for enterprises around the world. It manages up to 1,024 ZoneFlex Smart Wi-Fi access points, 2,000 WLANs, and 25,000 clients per device. Its unique SmartZone architecture allows the SZ-100 to be deployed in a 3+1 Active-Active cluster. With Active-Active clustering all members (up to 4) of a cluster will actively manage APs in the network, providing enhanced resiliency for high availability requirements. With clustering, the SZ-100 can manage up to 3,000 APs and 60,000 clients.

Smart licensing allows customers to manage all licensing needs online at With Smart licensing, customers have the ability to buy and assign licenses at a granular level down to 1 (one) AP license.

Virtual SmartZone - (vSZ)

Note: The Virtual SmartCell Gateway (vSCG) has a new name: Virtual SmartZone (vSZ). Same product, new name.

The Ruckus Virtual SmartZone (vSZ) is an NFV-based and cloud-ready WLAN controller for service providers and enterprises ready to elevate their WLAN deployment to the next level of flexibility, resiliency, andscale. vSZ operates in two modes: Essentials and High-Capacity.

Enterprises will find that the Essentials mode (vSZ-E) delivers world-beating Wi-Fi performance in an incredibly easy to manage and cost-effective package that’s friendly to both virtualized and/or distributed environments.

Managed Service Providers deploying the High-Capacity mode (vSZ-H) in their data center will experience a scalable carrier-class Wi-Fi rollout brimming with unique service provider features ready to back up their service level agreements. 

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