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At the heart of the Cloudpath ESis a highly reliable device configuration tool. This tool is also available ina standalone form as the Cloudpath Wizard for environments in need of onlyuser-based policy, which normally takes the form of either PEAP/MSCHAPv2 orEAP-TLS with Microsoft CA. The Cloudpath Wizard has been proven in networksaround the globe and configures millions of devices every year.

Whileuser-based policy is being replaced within the industry by user+device-basedpolicies (see Cloudpath ES), the Cloudpath Wizard is appropriate inenvironments where:

  • All users are defined in Active Directory.
  • Policies are based only on the user’s identity.
  • User credentials have limited value, reducing the risk if compromised. (PEAP)

Cloudpath WizardHighlights

  • Automated, self-service onboarding
  • Support for a wide array of laptops, phones, and tablets
  • Configures Wi-Fi, certificates, and NAC settings
  • Install third party software, including Antivirus
  • Reduces IT support costs

TheCloudpath Wizard is available for on-premise deployment, or as a cloud service.The on-premise deployment supports a wide array of web servers, includingApache and Microsoft IIS.

Secure, assimple as insecure.™ With the Cloudpath Suite, increased security no longertranslates into end user frustration and IT support overhead. Cloudpath has theunique ability to configure wireless profiles, 802.1X supplicant information,and other security-related settings on the fly from a browser for mostWindows™, Mac™, and Ubuntu™ computers and a growing list of handheld devices,including iPhone™, iPad™, iPod Touch™, and Android ™ phones and tablets.Cloudpath also automates the association and authentication process, ensuringusers are connected painlessly.

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