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Ruckus LTE Mobile App

Manage your Ruckus LTE (CBRS) network with the new LTE Mobile App from Ruckus Networks.


Managing LTE APs and networks has never been easier. Whatever your needs from the Ruckus LTE network may be, whether you have one AP or hundreds, your LTE network can be setup, monitored, and you can even make quick updates with a few clicks on your mobile phone.


* Add an AP to your network by simply scanning the serial number using your mobile/tablet phone camera.

* Get notified with Alarms raised when the AP status changes.

* Enable and disable AP transmission.


These and many other remarkable features are available on the new Ruckus LTE app for your convenience.

Welcome to the Ruckus LTE family!

NOTE: Creating / Editing a Venue is not supported on the App at this time.


Ruckus LTE (CBRS) Mobile Apps are available on Android and iOS platforms.

Click here for Android via the Google Play Store

Click here for iOS via the Apple App Store

Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi Mobile Apps

Introducing Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi App manage your Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi enabled network.


Managing a Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi network has never been easier. Whether you are a SMB store owner, or a School District IT manager, you have 1 AP or 100, the Wi-Fi network can be set up, monitored or even quick updates could be made with simple clicks on your mobile phone. 

Add APs to your network by simply scanning the serial number, insert text or image ads into your guest Wi-Fi page at any time and as many number of times as you like, unblock a guest Wi-Fi user who has just consumed the free Wi-Fi limits, get notified when AP status changes - the use cases are limitless. And, we are just getting started. 

Welcome to the Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi family !

Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi Mobile Apps are available on Android and iOS platforms.

Click here for Android via the Google Play Store

Click here for iOS via the Apple App Store

Ruckus Unleashed Mobile App

In general Unleashed is simple to deploy and manage.  With the addition of Ruckus Unleashed Mobile App (UMA), installation of Unleashed is simplified even further, allowing common WiFi management tasks such as creating a WLAN, changing AP name, upgrading software, etc.  This Application is available for both Android and iOS platform users.

ZoneDirector Remote Control

ZoneDirector Remote Control is a groundbreaking application that monitors and configures Ruckus ZoneDirectors and Access Points. Users of this application will now be able to perform basic configuration on the go, using a Tablet, without having to carry a bulky laptop.


The Ruckus SWIPE (Smart Wireless Installation & Provisioning Engine) tool provisions APs for management by an existing SmartCell Gateway (SCG) controller.

SWIPE is a software tool that runs on Apple iPhone 4S, 5, 5S & 5C and Apple iPads running iOS 7 and later, Nexus 4,5,7 and Samsung S5,S7 Android phones, and works with SCG 2.5 and later. SWIPE supports the following functions:

  • Scanning AP serial number and MAC address bar codes
  • Naming the AP
  • Viewing and editing AP details
  • Viewing, setting and using AP locations
  • Viewing and editing notes
  • Viewing, emailing and printing reports
  • Testing links with ZAP, ping and trace
When you launch the SWIPE application, SWIPE displays the Main AP Inventory page.
Download the Smart Wireless Installation & Provisioning Engine (SWIPE) app on iOS or Google Play.
View Ruckus SWIPE Online Help at this link.


SpeedFlex is a wireless performance testing tool. Based on the open source performance test tool, SpeedFlex, this comprehensive yet easy to use application from Ruckus gives users a simple way to collect site performance data. It can be used to validate the performance of an existing installation, or assist in planning a new site deployment. Simply connect to a SpeedFlex server – such as a Ruckus ZoneFlex AP or ZoneDirector - and you can instantly test network throughput. Easily capture real time through put, packet loss and site data. Take pictures and send an email with the results packaged in a PDF. For more info, including download app, click here

Fiber Backpack

The Fiber Backpack is an SFP-to-Ethernet media converter designed specifically to be co-installed with H510 APs to extend H510's reach into Hotel and MDU deployments where Fiber is being installed for backhaul (instead of copper-based Ethernet).

The Fiber Backpack can also be deployed as a standalon media converter box to interface with other Ruckus Access Points.

Fiber Node

Fiber Node connector is used with Ruckus products that support mobile backhaul

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