How do I use TFTP to upgrade standalone AP from 8.x to 9.x?


Procedure for upgrading SA AP from 8.x to 9.x. SW required and TFTP server needed. This procedure is aka TFTP method.


How do I use TFTP to upgrade standalone AP from 8.x to 9.x?

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Standalone AP. AP running pre 9.0 SW. TFTP server. Control file and SW image.

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Upgrade of Standalone AP using TFTP Method:
Upgrading an AP can be using a TFTP server prior to 9.0.x standalone SW.
You will need a TFTP server, the SW file with extension .Bl7, the control file with extension .rcks, and a computer where you will load the TFTP server.
In this particular/example case, we?re upgrading from 8.x SW to SW via TFTP and the file names are 7343_9. and 7343_Control.rcks.  If you require a particular control file, please search the knowledge database and search for ?create a control file? or create a case through your Ruckus support portal ( and let us know the AP model and the SW that you want to upgrade to.
TFTP server:  If you have a TFTP server application on your PC  use that one but if you if you would like a recommendation, I like the tftpd32 freeware application, you can get it for 32 or 64 bit machine from the following link:
Steps for TFTP upgrade:
  1. Download the TFTP server into your computer and then run it.
  2. Make sure that your Computer can ping the AP and if so, then the AP would be able to ping the TFTP as the TFTP server would be local to your Computer.
  3. Place the .Bl7 and .rcks files in the root directory of the TFTP server.
  4. Open the AP browser and in the AP GUI go to Maintenance/Upgrade.
  5. Change the upgrade Method to TFTP.
  6. Enter your PC?s IP.
  7. Type in the name of the image control file, this case being ?7343_Control.rcks?
  8. Then click on perform upgrade.
After the process completes, the AP reboots and it will have SW version loaded after the reboot. 
If you would like your AP to be updated to a more recent SW version than, then you can download the SW version desired for example  After you?ve downloaded the SW to your PC, you can the go to the GUI and in the Maintenance/Upgrade window you will have the option of Local Upgrade and you can then just point your AP to the SW file and the upgrade is done automatically without the need of FTP, TFTP, or control file but this is only available post 9.0 SW.


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