Why can I not upgrade from 9.9 or 9.8 to 9.10 GA or above SW?


The two recommendations for upgrading to 9.10 GA are that support contract needs to be in place and we recommend upgrading from 9.9 to 9.10.


Why can I not upgrade from 9.9 or 9.8 to 9.10 GA or above SW?

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As per the released notes, if you do not have a valid Support Entitlement, you will be unable to upgrade
ZoneDirector to this release.  Please check your ZD's Administer / Support page for information on Support Entitlement activation.

We also recommend upgrading from 9.9 to 9.10 GA ONLY.  If you upgrade from a 9.8 SW version, you will be required to factory default the ZD for the upgrade to take effect.  One can definitely upgrade from 9.8 to 9.10 but not without factory defaulting first.

In summary, to upgrade to 9.10 GA SW:
1. Double check that the ZD has a customer support entitlement in place, if it will not let the upgrade happen.
2. We recommend upgrading from 9.9 to 9.10 GA.  One can upgrade from 9.8 but it requires a factory default of the ZD.

If you believe that you have a support entitlement in place, please contact Ruckus support through your Ruckus support portal, through the main Ruckus phone line or through the chat line within the Ruckus support portal.

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April 14, 2015 03:27 PM (over 6 years ago)

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