How do I setup a hotspot service using SAMS with vSCG as the controller?


This article explains how to setup a SAMS portal with vSCG as the wireless controller.


How do I setup a hotspot service using SAMS with vSCG as the controller?

Customer Environment

Wireless service provided using vSCG 3.0.3 or above.


Below is the architecture on how SAMS works with vSCG in the backend. 

Diagram that explains vSCG with SAMS

First step ? Installation and configuration of the vSCG.
1)Install the vSCG.
This is exaplained in the Getting Started Guides located at

2)Log into the vSCG GUI and configure a NorthBound Portal Interface Password. This setting is under the Configuration --> vSCG System.

Second Step ? Configure port translation on the NAT router (required if vSCG is behind NAT).
Translate all TCP traffic on ports 9080 and 9443 to the management interface of your vSCG. These port are used for communication between SAMs and the vSCG.

Third Step ? Configure the SAMs service.
You need to login to with the credentials emailed to you when you purchased SAMS contract. Then follow the procedure below:
1) Go to "Site Management" and then click on "Create New Site"
2) Give a name
3) Select "Free Public WiFi? as the ?WiFi Type?
4) Select ?On Site Smart Cell Gateway? for the field ?Choose your controller?.
5) For the management IP address, specify the public IP used by the management interface of your vSCG (you can type same IP address for both primary and secondary IP address)
6) Set the "Northbound Portal Interface Password? with the password set in the above step
7) Select your timezone and type notes (optional).
Click on the "Create network" and save all the configuration displayed on the following page. You need all this information to continue.
Refer to SAMS Quick Setup Guide located at for more details.

Final step ? Finish remaining vSCG configuration.
1) In the vSCG GUI, configure the RADIUS and RADIUS accounting with the information you got previously from the SAMS.
You have to configure them on one of the following pages (depending on the version and Carrier or Enterprise flavor you have):
a. Configuration --> Services & Profiles --> RADIUS
b. Configuration --> AAA Servers

2) Create a Hotspot (WISPr) service in your AP Zone.
Give a name then configure the "Logon URL" based on the "Splash Page URL" provided earlier by the SAMS. Specify a "Start Page".
Configure the "Walled Garden" as per the SAMS instructions.

3) Create a new hotspot WLAN.
Give a name and then select "Hotspot (WISPr)? as the "Authentication Type".
Keep the "Authentication Method" as "Open" with no encryption.
Choose the RADIUS Servers created earlier.
Select the Hotspot (WISPr) Portal created just above.

Lastly, connect a wireless client to test. If there is any problem, check the following:
- vSCG management interface reachability from the outside (Internet)
- NBI password should be the same on both vSCG and SAMs
- RADIUS information should match on both vSCG and SAMS

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