How to download an entitlement file


Article provides step by step instructions on how to download an entitlement file. This is specially useful, if you have upgraded to 9.8.1 and above firmware. By downloading this file, the warning message on the controller's dashboard should go away.


How to download an entitlement file


You are seeing a warning message on your controller "Your support service expires in (x) days. Upgrading your support entitles you to future firmware upgrades. Please contact Ruckus Support for further assistance"

If you know you have a active support contract on your controller, please follow these steps to download your entitlement file. By uploading this entitlement file to your controller, the warning message should go away.

Step 1. Log in to the Ruckus customer support site - On the home page, scroll down to Tools and Select "Entitlement file download"

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Step 2. Enter the serial number of your controller or ZD or Zone Director
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Step 3. Click on Submit to download the entitlement file

Step 4. Now log in to your controller's GUI using Chrome or Firefox (Do not Use IE) and Navigate to >> Administer >> Support and click on Choose File

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Step 5. Select the entitlement file from your downloads section and upload it your controller

The warning message should go away.

If the message does not go away, please contact Ruckus customer support -


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