What should I check if the APs are not sending out client location data to the LBS?


This article lists prerequisites for LBS to work and what can cause location details to be absent on the LBS.


What should I check if the APs are not sending out client location data to the LBS?

Customer Environment

ZD managed network used to get client location details.

Root Cause

1. AP's time out of sync with LBS by more than 10 seconds 2. Wrong DNS server entries on the ZD and APs 3. Wrong location server URL 4. Communication issues - whether due to internal issues at AP, LBS or due to a firewall in between 5. NTP server related

Troubleshooting Steps

For starters, below is the list of things to check for LBS to work:
1. DNS server must be specified under Device IP Settings section on the Configure --> System page
2. A valid NTP server must be specified under System Time section on the Configure --> System page
3. Make sure the venue location server is provisioned and pingable. Specify it with all the necessary parameters on the Configure --> Location Services page
4. AP group under the Configure --> Access Points page must have corresponding Venue specified
5. ZD-LS, AP-ZD, AP-LS connection status on the Location Services monitoring page

If none of the pointers specified above doesn't show any disconnections or any other issues but the location server isn't showing client data or indicating APs as disconnected, below are couple more things to check:
1. Make sure APs have DNS server specified on them by running "get dns" command
2. Make sure the AP's time isn't out of sync by more than 10 seconds
3. Change the DNS server to a global DNS server such as This needs to be done on the ZD as well as on the APs.

APs sync their time immediately after their reboot. If a AP reboot fixes missing client location details on the LBS, this will be a good indicator of the point # 2 just above.

In general, Ruckus recommends using firmware versions 9.8.2 or above for setups that need LBS services.


AP reboot or reconfiguration of LBS dependent settings on the ZD, APs.

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