How to activate support contracts


Article provides step by step guide to activate support contracts at the Ruckus Customer Support Portal


How to activate support contracts


Get ready to activate your support contracts for Ruckus products -

Log in to the Ruckus customer support site - -

Have the serial numbers for your Ruckus products ready

Open the Support Purchase Acknowledgement (SPA) email you have received for your order

Now follow these steps -

Step 1 - Copy the activation code in your email

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Step 2 - Click on the link ?Here? in the SPA email.

Step 3 - Paste the activation code in to the dialog box

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Step 4 - Click on Validate

Step 5 - Click on the link for the product code

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Step 6. Click on "Entitle Asset" - This is a very important step as this binds your product serial number to your support contract

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Step 7 -  Copy and paste the serial number of your product

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Step 8 - Click on Submit

If you have more serial numbers per product, repeat step 7 and step 8 until you have all the serial numbers activated or entitled

If you have other products in the same order whose support needs to be activated, Click on the "Activation Code"

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Now Click on the link for the next product

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Repeat Steps 7 and 8 until all the serial numbers for your Ruckus products are activated and entitled.

If you run in to any errors or are unable to activate your support contract, please open a case at

Please include 1) Serial Number(s) of your Ruckus product(s) & 2) A screen shot of the error message


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