Why the SMS didn't reach the intended phone number when I sent the guest pass code?


This article discusses possible causes behind SMS send failures when a guest pass is texted to a visitor.


Why the SMS didn't reach the intended phone number when I sent the guest pass code?

Customer Environment

ZD managed guest access service

Root Cause

Potential reasons include the receiver might be registered under Do Not Call registry maintained by local phone authorities. Government regulations. Account limitations. Wrong setup.

Troubleshooting Steps

A free SMS account can be setup at www.twilio.com website. Once an account is established, ACCOUNT SID and AUTH TOKEN can be found under the DASHBOARD tab. You also need to find out the Twilio assigned phone number under the NUMBERS --> TWILIO NUMBERS page on their website.

You need this information along with the "From Phone Number" to configure Twilio account on the ZD. These settings can be found under the ZD's System section to input the above data. Please also ensure ZD's System configuration page contains at least one DNS server entry. Once this is setup, generated guest passes should be textable to a user's phone number.

For Clickatell below information required (Get this info from Clickatell account)

First you may want to test this with a known good phone number.

If you are still having issues here are few things to check:
1. Make sure the receiver is not registered under the Do Not Call registry.
2. Make sure the account holder (configured under the Twilio section on the ZD) hasn't exceeded his quota of SMS per that day. These limitations may be enforced by the Twilio or the phone provider itself.
3. Check the Twilio account validity.


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