Which AP models support the ChannelFly settings persistence?


Not all AP models support ChannelFly settings persistence. AP models that have 128 MB or more memory can support the persistence.


Which AP models support the ChannelFly settings persistence?

Customer Environment

Customer using auto channel in a standalone environment or have enabled ChannelFly in a ZD managed environment

Root Cause

ChannelFly process kick starts each time a AP reboots

Troubleshooting Steps

ChannelFly measures quality of the signal on each allowed channel. ChannelFly's goal is to find the best channel in terms of avoiding interference and ensuring best possible throughput.
Channel selection process through ChannelFly continues to run as long as the AP is up and keep optimizing the channel for the prevailing RF environmental conditions. Below are the complete details:
1. ChannelFly process starts automatically when the AP is up
2. During the initial hour AP will change the channels pretty aggressively to measure quality of each channel
3. It will keep changing channels until it finds the best channel
4. This process will continue at a moderate rate for the next 5-6 hours depending on the environmental changes
5. After that it will settle on a particular channel but the process of continuous monitoring won't stop. Any significant change in the quality of current channel will make the ChannelFly to switch to a new better channel.

The biggest caveat of this process is the frequent channel changes when the AP starts. To come over this unnecessary frequent channel changes, Ruckus Wireless has introduced settings persistence across reboots. AP can save the ChannelFly stats and use it after the reboot.

Currently this is supported only in the CLI. Below is the syntax for enabling the persistence option.
rkscli: set channelfly wifi0 persistent enable

This setting can be verified through the "get" command as shown below.
rkscli: get channelfly wifi0
wifi0 mtbc: 100
      hi-memory backup: available
        persistent: enabled

This feature consumes certain amount of memory to conserve the stats. So this feature is reserved to APs that have higher memory, 128 MB or more. Here are the AP models that meet this requirement:

Other AP models will start ChannelFly process from scratch if they reboot since they have no way of knowing which was the previous best channel.

Please keep a note that, this persistence works only across the AP reboots (upgrades, software related, etc.) but NOT across a power cycle.
Please also note the above list didn't include ZF7372 AP even though it has 128 MB memory.

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