How can I ensure best possible performance in a high density deployment?


This article explains about some of the best practices to follow in a high density deployment


How can I ensure best possible performance in a high density deployment?

Customer Environment

Customer is either has a single subnet with large number of clients OR limited number of subnets with large number of clients in a small physical location

Root Cause

Use of default settings and lack of network segmentation.

Troubleshooting Steps

Here are some of the recommendations to be followed on a high density networks:
1. Always limit the broadcast and multicast traffic through proper network segmentation (use separate VLANs for AP management and for client traffic).
2. Use site survey to determine proper placement of APs and channel usage
3. Use ofdm-only setting on each SSID
4. Enable proxy arp to limit the traffic into the air
5. Decrease amount of management traffic in the air through limiting number of SSIDs and possibly raising beacon interval
6. Use WPA2 for authentication instead of WPA-Mixed or WPA
7. Use AES for encryption instead of Auto or TKIP setting
8. Drop multicast traffic on each SSID unless there are AirPlay or similar type of services on a SSID
9. Raise the background scanning interval if ChannelFly is not already used
10. Hotspot services on smartphones or other wireless client devices should not be allowed.


Follow the above recommendations if you see ping latency or loss issues on a wireless network.

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