How to Register products through Support Site?


How to Register products through Support Site?


How to Register products through Support Site

Login to Support Portal:

If you don't have a web support account, you can get a free account. See for details. 

After you log in you'll see the following link in the Tools area:

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They are two ways to register products

1. Manual Input- Manually enter product serial numbers

2. CSV Upload ? Upload .csv file got from ZoneDirector >> Administer >> Registration

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3. By inputting the SN# or manually uploading a CSV file, you are letting us know that you are now the owner of this product(s).  

NEW: If you register a product which still is under the limited 90-day Software warranty, this will also give you (first time only) access to our full Premium support services, including case management, software updates and upgrades. 


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