How do I configure SMTP through ZD so that I get email notifications?


Configuring SMTP includes yahoo SMTP port and Mail SMTP address.


How do I configure SMTP through ZD so that I get email notifications?

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Customer is setting up SMTP in ZD/AP environment.

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Here is a note on how to properly setup an external SMTP account for ZD messages notifications.
  • We first find out the SMTP details of the external email account.
  • Then we setup the ZD settings as such.
  • And finally do a test by clicking on the test button (if the test is successful then setup appropriate alarm events)
Below is an example of how to use a yahoo mail account for notifications.
The SMTP port is capable of allowing any of the defined SMTP ports defined.

Attached you will also find other well known SMTP server port reference document.
Question: What Are the Yahoo! Mail SMTP Settings?
Looking for the Yahoo! Mail SMTP server settings?
Answer: The Yahoo! Mail SMTP server settings for sending mail through Yahoo! Mail from any email program are:
  • Yahoo! Mail SMTP server address:
  • Yahoo! Mail SMTP user name: Your full Yahoo! Mail email address (including "")
  • Yahoo! Mail SMTP password: Your Yahoo! Mail password
  • Yahoo! Mail SMTP port: 465
  • Yahoo! Mail SMTP TLS/SSL required: yes
Note that these settings may not work in all desktop email programs.

User-added image

Logging in to my yahoo mail account, from yahoo email received from ZD:
[[email protected]] Alarm 'testing alarm' generated
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From To An alarm 'testing alarm' was triggered.

This is an alarm test.



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