How to get the list of APs connected to the ZD in a text or .csv file ?


List of connected APs with serial number; Model number; MAC Address ; Description ( AP Name )


How to get the list of APs connected to the ZD in a text or .csv file ?


There are 2 ways to do this.

Firstly, we can do this from the ZD for registration purpose by following the steps below:

  • Login to ZD GUI, go to Administrator > Registration 
  • Give all the details and click "Apply"
  • This will create a *.csv file with all the APs connected and the ZD/s connected.
  • It will list the Serial Number and the corresponding model number with the corresponding MAC address.

Secondly, we can do this from the debug file from the ZD, the AP list is available under tmp> diag > unzip "db" > writable > etc > airespider - ap-list.xml 

  file will have the AP name ; Description  ; MAC address ; Serial ; and more details. You can open the same with a note pad to be in a text file.

Eg : 

<ap id="1"   mac="04:4f:aa:34:81:00 "   name="04:4f:aa:34:81:00"  devname="RuckusAP" model="zf274  1" description="M.A.M towers - 2(NMAP)" location="Officer&apos;s colony" gps="10.8160,78.6790" approved="true" internal-heater="false" poe-out="false" x-psk="*hY&lt;YVGhTBZNCG^J2&lt;{eJqY:GZesen};" as-is="true" mesh-enabled="true" mesh-mode="auto" serial="121055003842" version="" build-version="70" tunnel-mode="2" ip="" udp-port="12223" config-state="3" auth-mode="psk" last-seen="1338776737" netmask="" gateway="" dns1="" dns2="" mesh-last-good-ssid="Mesh-100903000331-01" x-mesh-last-good-psk="vF2bvt!JR[i4Pq2O8RsSlJQkQdXEyW4K1ogDRmjFZV7te![FbQX6cTVkDX71IpU" no-uplink-rc="OK">
        <radio radio-type="11bg" radio-id="0" channel="0" tx-power="0" wlangroup-id="1" vap-enabled="1" enabled="1" mix-mode="0" />
        <adv-mesh apply-acl="false" />

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