What are the warranty terms for Ruckus products?


This article outlines warranty terms for Ruckus Products


What are the warranty terms for Ruckus products?

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Software Warranty

Ruckus software products are covered by a 90-Day Warranty. During the first 90 days following shipment of the hardware product from Ruckus, the customer is entitled to upgrade to the latest software release which may include bug fixes that enable the Product to perform as stated in the then-current documentation. After 90 days, only customers that have purchased, and are thus covered by a Ruckus Support contract will be entitled to software upgrades.

Ruckus Standard  One Year Hardware Warranty

The following Ruckus ZoneFlex Outdoor Access Points, MediaFlex Access Points, Power Adapters, Power Injectors, Antennas, and Accessories are covered by Ruckus? One-Year Hardware Warranty:

·       All components of NFR (Not For Resale) Kits - supersedes the limited lifetime warranty.

·       Outdoor AP
  • T300 (all types)
  • ZoneFlex 7762 (all types)
  • ZoneFlex 7731
  • ZoneFlex 7761-CM
  • ZoneFlex 7782 (all types)
  • SmartCell 8800

·       Power Injectors
·       AP/Bridge/Controller Power Adapters, AC Power Supply, DC Power Supply
·       Antennas
·       Fans
·       AP/Bridge Mounting Brackets/Kits, Controller and Switch Rack Mount Kits
·       Fiber Connector

Ruckus Limited Lifetime Hardware Warranty

Excluding the associated components that are covered by the One-Year Hardware Warranty discussed above, the following Ruckus products are covered by Ruckus? Limited Lifetime Hardware Warranty. 
·      Indoor AP
  • R300
  • R500
  • R600
  • R700
  • ZoneFlex 7055
  • ZoneFlex 7321
  • ZoneFlex 7321-U
  • ZoneFlex 7352
  • ZoneFlex 7372
  • ZoneFlex 7441
  • ZoneFlex 7982

·       ZoneFlex Controller
  • ZD1100
  • ZD1200
  • ZD3000
  • ZD5000    

·       RuckOS Controller
  • SCG200
  • SZ100
1) All hardware products not explicitly listed in the Limited Lifetime Warranty above have a One Year Standard Warranty or please refer to the End Of Life product information (https://support.ruckuswireless.com/products/32-end-of-life/documents) for warranty expiration for products that have been declared as End of Life.

2) Ruckus Limited Lifetime Hardware Warranty coverage remains in place for the Product Lifetime. Product Lifetime is defined to be the period for as long as you own the product or up to five years following Ruckus declaration of End of Life, whichever comes first. The limited lifetime warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the product. 

3) The RuckOS vSCG Controller is a software based product. No Ruckus hardware is provided to run the vSCG and therefore there is no hardware warranty applicable to the vSCG.

4) The lifetime warranty is only valid for equipment that was purchased after July 15th 2008. Prior to this date, there was only the standard 1 year warranty.

5) NFR Kits are covered by only the 1 year standard warranty. As of July 1st, 2013, NFR Kits must be purchased with mandatory 1, 3 or 5 year WatchDog support on the ZoneDirector in the bundle. 

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