Links to most recent AP firmware


This document provides a list of the links to the most recent AP firmware images. You do not need a support contract to update your standalone access point.


Links to most recent AP firmware

Customer Environment

A standalone AP not managed by ZoneDirector


NEW: Most of our newest releases can be found in the Downloads area of our website. For standalone APs (those not managed by a ZoneDirector or SCG Gateway) the firmware updates are publicly available and do not require a login. See

Some older software releases will only be available via our FTP server as outlined below, but any releases done since Jan 1 2013 are available on 

For instructions on how to upgrade your standalone AP (standalone means not managed by a ZoneDirector controller) see

Below is a list of older software releases available from our FTP server.

ZoneFlex Indoor
                ZoneFlex 7982                  

                ZoneFlex 7962

                ZoneFlex 7942

                ZoneFlex 7363

                ZoneFlex 7343

                ZoneFlex 7341  
                ZoneFlex 7321

                ZoneFlex 7025

                ZoneFlex 2942

                ZoneFlex 2925
ZoneFlex Outdoor
                ZoneFlex 7762

                ZoneFlex 7762-S

                ZoneFlex 7762-T

                ZoneFlex 7762-AC

                ZoneFlex 7762-S-AC

                ZoneFlex 7761-CM
                ZoneFlex 7731

                ZoneFlex 2741

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