How do I register my Product(s)?


This article provides guidelines on how to "register" your Ruckus product(s).


How do I register my Product(s)?


We now have a better way for you to register your product which also gives you full access to our online support offerings during your limited software warranty period. Our support portal at offers the following great services:


  • Open and manage cases online for faster resolution
  • Expansive Knowledge Base with a powerful search engine and full site-search capabilities
  • Documentation, tech tips and more
  • Product Notifications
  • Download new software updates and upgrades quickly and easily
  • Join the discussion in our online forums
  • Sign up for training classes
  • See your products that we have a record of ? along with contract status and warranty expirations.


To get started, simply follow these 2 steps:


Step 1) - Register for an account (if needed)

Step 2) - Register your products


If you currently only have Guest privileges (which happens after step 1), and you provide a serial number of a product still under the limited Software Warranty, your account will be upgraded to Premium for the duration of the remaining SW Warranty. After that period, and without a support contract, your account will revert back to Guest status.

Guests can post to our forums, sign up for training, and log RMA's.

Premium users have full technical support including case management, software downloads, and expanded KB access.

Note: If you are a VAR or reseller registering products on behalf of an end customer, the products will be attached to your account, and not your customers'. They will be unable to register themselves if you do so.  Depending on your support agreements it may be preferable for the end-customer to register themselves. Simply forward these instructions

If you currently already have Premium access via a support contract or previous registration, this will just log the serial numbers under your account and they will be visible at

Activation of a support contract is via a separate process described here:

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